Staycations, part 2: Rainy day blues

Abraham Lincoln


If it rains on the day of your trip to Harpers Ferry or Annapolis, check out these strictly indoor staycation destinations.

First, there’s plenty of local theater to indulge in.  What used to be the privilege of the upper echelons is now great for everyone, including kids.  First, consider stopping by CSPAC, located right on the University of Maryland campus.

Round House Theater has two locations, one in Silver Spring and the other in Bethesda.  Each has different seasons, as well as different programs for youth and adults, but both are within walking or biking distance from the Silver Spring Civic Center.

There’s also the Silver Spring Stage, which offers “contemporary, fresh plays” at an affordable rate.  Tickets for adults are $20 and $18 for senior citizens (65+) and juniors (younger than 18).  Their upcoming season includes dark comedies and provocative thrillers, so the risk of boredom is nearly nonexistent.

For a more avant-garde feel, check out the Woolly Mammoth Theater in Gallery Place (a mere seven Metro stops away from Takoma).  Industrious and adventurous, their shows are not always suited for children.

For the unusual and bizarre, stop by the National Museum of Health and Medicine, located on Linden Lane in Silver Spring.  Originally established as the Army Medical Museum during the Civil War, it now boasts five collections, five virtual exhibits, and one on Abraham Lincoln to commemorate the 200th anniversary of his birth.  Admission is free, so indulge in your natural curiosity and play doctor for the day.

There’s also the National Capital Trolley Museum on Bonifant Road in Silver Spring.  The visitor center features artifacts that immortalize the varied and eclectic history of the electric streetcar, including its influence on local communities.  There are also two-mile trolley rides that wind through nearby Northwest Branch Park to give a “living interpretation” of the historic days of the first trolleys.  Tickets for those between 17 and 64 years old 64 are $7, while tickets for those younger than 17 and older than 64 are $5.  This includes museum entry and unlimited rides all day.

Adults that are traumatized by their Metro commutes should check out the Meditation Museum instead, located on Georgia Avenue.  Here you can enjoy peace and quiet while surrounded by soothing artifacts and tips on how to lead a more focused, relaxed life.  Events are also scheduled throughout the year; upcoming topics include “Maintaining Spirituality in the Workplace” and “Creative Meditation.”  All urbanites can benefit from a trip to this local space, and the admission fee is an optional donation.

Featured photo from the current National Museum of Health and Medicine exhibit in Silver Spring: “Abraham Lincoln, the final casualty of the war.”

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