GRANOLAPARK: Male not doing a “Heather”


Dear Readers,

So, what’s with Tim Male, he wants to get paid or something?

That wee stipend he gets as Takoma Park city council member doesn’t stretch very far now that he’s not working full-time. But COUNTY council members get paid a real salary! And there’s an OPENING!!

Ward 2 councilmember Tim Male.

Ward 2 councilmember Tim Male.

Male left his full-time Defenders of Wildlife position in December. His plan was to start his own non-profit agency, then the county council vacancy popped up. The non-profit may go on hold.

Ervin stepped down

District 5 county councilmember Valerie Ervin stepped down Jan. 3. Her term ends in December, too short a time to trigger a special election. Instead, her replacement will be appointed. Appointment is by county council vote following a series of applicant interviews.


18 people applied, 13 of them, including Male, got interviews due to provisional approval from at least 3 councilmembers. Interviews of the 13 started Jan. 17 and continued Jan. 23 and 23. Male’s interview was Jan. 22.

He is NOT doing a “Heather” on his Takoma Park Ward 2 constituents.

Maryland District 20 delegate and gubernatorial candidate Heather Mizeur, festival organizer Colleen Clay, and District 20 candidate Jonathan Shurberg.  Photo by Bill Brown.

Former Ward 2 councilmember, now District 20 state delegate and gubernatorial candidate Heather Mizeur (on left) with another former Ward 2 city councilmember Colleen Clay (not running for anything at the moment), and District 20 candidate Jonathan Shurberg at last September’s Takoma Park Folk Festival.

“Heather” refers to Heather Mizeur, the ambitious former Ward 2 council member who quit the council midway into her term, then ran for state delegate. She won that office and is now running for Governor. Twenty Democratic candidates are vying for her seat in the primary. The odds are 13-1 against Male for the appointment, but they would be worse if he’d decided to run for Mizeur’s seat. Not that he seems interested in such a long-term change.

Male and all the other applicants had to pledge not to run for any county council office next fall. So, they cannot turn this temporary appointment into a long-term council position. Not next term, anyway.


Male said if he is appointed there would be “many positives” for Takoma Park. He might be able to do something about the city’s constant gripe with the county – double taxation.

He might also get the county council to deal with future Takoma Park school overcrowding. The city has no control over local county-district schools, but the county council does.

If appointed, he would have to resign from the Takoma Park council.


The odds may not be in his favor, but, his Jan. 22 interview was impressive.

He made it clear that as an elected official, he knew the drill, that he would be a team player, that he was up on county council issues, that he could speak the jargon, and that if appointed he would hammer on down-county school overcrowding and “infrastructure” (i.e. “new or renovated school buildings).

And he wore that shiny green tie. How can he lose?

– Gilbert


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