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  • Not Dis Time

    “Perhaps it is time for a disincorporation slate to be formed for the coming election. The city’s’ primary reasons for founding, to provide protective services not provided for by the county, no longer exist. . . . . Silver Spring, Kensington, and Bethesda are doing quite well without municipal government. A time to every season, and Takoma Park’s season has passed.”
    — Lawrence
    No, it’s not. Yes, they do. No, they don’t. And, No, it hasn’t, Lawrence.
    Lawrence, you are so sadly misguided! A dis-incorporation movement would be about as popular in Takoma Park as a gun club (and, there would probably be a lot of overlapping membership).
    For proof of this, observe the angry pile of folk who steamed up to the mic at the Citizen’s Comment session of the May 25 Takoma Park city council meeting. They were young parents, relative newcomers to the city, and they were there to bellow “HELLLLP!” at their nearest and dearest elected officials.